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Umibouzu appear

A overseer and henchman of Washizaki.


Umibouzu is a large and extremely fat man with virtually no neck and relatively short arms. He has a mustache which he calls his "mustache of pride".


Umibouzu is a very angry and savage man, biting the heads off of people who run away. He also has a habit of putting "zura" at the end of sentences.


Due to his body fat, Umibouzu is able to absorb blunt attacks but he is however vulnerable to being cut. He is also very strong due to his size and build. He call his abdominal fat "Fat Hell" due to its ability to snap limbs off that stucked in his belly.


  • He is likely named after the japanese folklore creature Umibōzu due to his large, round head, resembling the perfectly baldness of those sea monsters.
  • He is very similar to a character from Fist of the North Star called Mr. Heart.