Riki-Oh Profile

The hero of the series.

Saiga Riki-Oh (雑賀力王, Saiga Riki-ō, meaning "Mighty King", "Power King", or "Strength King") is the main character of the story, he was separated from his younger brother Nachi since childhood and was adopted by the affluent Saiga family.


Riki-Oh is a muscular man with fairly long flowing hair. His most distinguishing features are five bullet wounds on his chest and a scar in the shape of a hexagram on his right hand.


Riki-Oh is a very violent person and has a vicious temper and prefers to be alone, because of this he is referred to as a "Wolf". Despite this however, he hides a softer side of kindness and sympathy. He also has a strong belief in karma and shows ruthlessness towards evil doers.


Riki-Oh posseses superhuman strength, enough to rip the human body apart with little effort. The source of his great power is the aforementioned hexagram shaped scar on his hand. His punches can rip holes in peoples' bodies and injure them with the air pressure created by them. He is also trained in the art of Naike Kenpou, taught to him by his old master, Chou Zenki.