Riki-Oh Punch

The brutality of Naike Kenpou.

Naike Kenpou (内家拳法, Internal Martial Arts) is an alternate style of kenpou, different from the famous Shaolin Kenpou, which is centered around destroying bodies from the outside with heavy emphasis on "Kikou (気功, Breathing)". One of the many famous Chinese Kenpou styles (such as Tai Chi Chuan, etc.). It is practiced by Chou Zenki, the warden and Riki-Oh.


  • Koukikou (硬気功, Hard Breathing Exercise): A technique through breathing in which one can absorb the ki surrounding their body inside, condense it, and use it to the imbalance around them to their advantage and produce different techniques.
  • Sunkei (寸勁, Inch Drive) A secret technique of Chinese Kenpou that involves attacking the opponent in close range through a distance of only a few centimeters.
  • Kantsuu Rekken (貫通烈拳, Piercing Violent Fist): A technique in which the user controls and condenses their "ki" to send a ki wave through one body to destroy a target behind it.
  • Seikaken Renkan Tanda (精華拳連環短打, Repeated Strikes of the Glorious Fist / Consecutive Bunt of the Essential Fist): A rapid punching technique.
  • Hien Senshiken (飛燕穿刺拳,Flying Swallow Piercing Fist): A powerful straight punch that sends its target flying.
  • Honshin Hekiken (翻身劈拳 Bursting Spiritual Wave Fist / Turning Splitter Fist): A powerful knife hand strike.
  • Koken (虎拳, Tiger Fist): An open palm strike.
  • Chouyaku Rigoutai 「Senpuukyaku」 (跳躍里合腿「旋風脚」, Dancing Trillion Metre Thigh 「Whirlwind Kick」): A spinning roundhouse kick that sends the target flying.
  • Kantsuu Reppa (貫通裂破, Piercing Split Destroyer): The secret technique of Naike Kenpou. A destructive wave of ki is expelled from the palms to destroy anything in its path. This technique is also known as Soushousen (双掌禅, Double Palm Meditation).


  • Kantsuu Reppa is very similar to the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.

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