Barakido is Aneyama's best assassin, and possibly his fiancè. Is unknown if Aneyama truly loves him, or if he just uses Barakido as a puppet. It's likely that Aneyama just manipulate Barakido, because after the latter's death, Aneyama shown no sign of sadness. On the other hand, Barakido loves Aneyama, and will do anything for him

Appearance Edit

Barakido is a young, effeminate, handsome homosexual. He wears a white jumper, black pants and black boots. He is tall and has white/blonde hairs

Personality Edit

Barakido is blindy loyal to Aneyama, since he loves him. He would do anything for his boss, even kill someone. In fact he has no problem to kill someone else if it is an order of Aneyama. Barakido also is very jealousy if Aneyama is insterested to another person. This is shown when he says to Riki-Oh that Aneyama taken an insterest for the protagonist, and for that he will kill him, even if his boss wanted Riki-Oh alive. He is also a coward, shown when he activated a kite mechanism when Riki-Oh started to owerpower him

Abilities Edit

Barakido shown to be very powerfull. He is able to give kicks strong enough to throw Riki-Oh to various metres of distance, and Riki only stopped because he hurted a tree, that trembled cause the force with which Riki hurted it after Barakido's kicks. Even Barakido's arms are very strongs, since he broke an huge tree just with a karate blow. He then throws acuminate roses with a great sight